If you have never heard the song Awake by Josh Groban, give it a listen:


If you have heard it, listen again.

You will find the title for my blog in the lyrics. That’s because this song inspires me, and I hope that it will inspire you too.

I am just a girl who likes to write (I bet most people that I know don’t know that about me).  I find I can express myself so much better through the written word than through talking face-to-face with someone.  Maybe I am old-fashioned.  In fact, I probably am, and I am okay with that.  I love to write actual, hand-written letters (who doesn’t love getting a good ol’ letter in the mail?!), lists, notes, and yes, even papers for class.  If even one thing I write here brings a smile to someones face, then I will be happy to have made a positive impact on the world.

Happy reading!


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