Excitement: Luggage, Phones, and Politics

So much excitement is going on today!  First, I ordered my first  ever grown-up luggage.  And by grown-up, I mean expensive and pretty (Samsonite).  They had a 40% sale going on…thanks MLK (for the sale, but for more important things, too).  Now I will no longer have to borrow my dad’s giant suitcase whenever I fly; I’ll now have my own giant suitcase to stuff to the brim.  AND it can wheel upright, 360 degrees.  Since I took care of my checked luggage needs, I couldn’t leave my carryon luggage needs unattended to.  Sadly, my favorite little carryon duffle is tearing and I don’t know how many more trips it can survive intact.  So, I found a pretty little boarding bag that will fit under the seat (which is exactly where I like to store my carryon…no overhead bins for me, thank you very much) to go along with my giant, shiny, spinny suitcase that I will check at the counter.  Houston/Florida…get ready, cause here I come (with my giant, shiny, spinny suitcase and pretty little boarding bag) in about 59 days, 1 hour, 54 minutes, and 41 seconds.

Next, my textbooks came in!  As an avid book-lover, I am always so excited to get new textbooks at the beginning of the semester.  The excitement usually lasts about a week, or until I have to start actually using those textbooks.  So far, I have… one textbook for my Public Policy course:  Analyzing Policy.  I just opened the box and found only the one book (this development is now less exciting, as I only had one book to peek at).  However, there are more to come, which translates into more excitement for another day.  Side note:  This book looks particularly intimidating.  It’s probably the class I’m least looking forward to this semester…but oftentimes those have turned out to be the classes I’ve ended up loving the most, so we’ll see.

Perhaps the MOST exciting event of today…I ordered my new phone!  I was due for an upgrade in a couple weeks, but I got it early.  And I got it accomplished all over the phone with the help of a very nice and capable customer service tech.  It should be coming in the mail in a couple of days.  And I got a pretty good discount.  Plus, I found a case that has a built-in kickstand (it’s about time I got one of those!) and a car mount so I can get directions hand-free!  I will be all set for new adventures pretty soon, so look out world!

As an exciting end to the day, I will be attending the county Republican meeting.  The first of the year.  There are many things happening within the party recently that I do not agree with, but fundamentally, I am a Republican.  (When I say I am a Republican, please think Rubio, not Trump.)  And the only way I can hope to affect any sort of change is to stay involved and fight for what I believe is right.  So, I will attend the meeting and see what’s happening at the county level.  And after the meeting is over, I will go across the street and eat some delicious pizza.

Here’s to many exciting days for all of you!


P.S.  It’s been exactly one week and I’m still going strong on those goals I told you about a few days ago!




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