Resolutions, Schmesolutions

My New Year’s “Resolutions” That Aren’t Really Resolutions

Throughout my life, I have found resolutions to be pretty useless.  So this year, I am going to work on accomplishing some goals.  Goals.  Not resolutions.

My first goal is to drink more water.  The more water I drink, the healthier I am and the better that Thrive will work in me.  (Also, the more trips I have to make to the bathroom.)

Next, I will endeavor to walk on my Treadclimber (aka the dreadmill) every single day.  This has transformed into what I anticipate will be a series of goals.  Weekly workout goals.  This first week I have started with a goal I named the 20/50.  20 minutes on the dreadmill and 50 squats every day.  This is how it works (ideally).  I do 10 minutes and 25 squats in the morning before work, the rest after work.  I get through these things easier if I break up the time.  Also, I’m hoping that starting with small goals will keep me from getting burnt out too quickly.  We’ll see how that goes.

Third, I want to blog at least once a week.  This has been a problem for me particularly when school is in session.  But seriously, once a week shouldn’t be such a burden.  And I really want to write more often because I enjoy writing down my random thoughts in this little creative space of mine.  It makes me feel…I don’t know what exactly, but I like the feeling.

I have other goals for the year that have started creeping into my consciousness, but these are my big three.  Why are these the big three?  Well, because they are the first things that came to mind and because after reflecting on them, I believe they will each positively impact other areas of my life.  Like a chain reaction of goodness.



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