I’m taking a minute on my break to share this article with you all because of how much it resonated with me.  You all know that I believe Trump is dangerous – dangerous for this country and dangerous for the party.  What most of you don’t know (until right now) is that I’ve resolved to vote for Hillary in November.  Yes, you read that right.  For the first time in my life, I will be voting for a Democratic presidential candidate.  This is only the second Democrat I will have ever voted for in my lifetime (shout out to Representative Dennis McKinney!).  You may think I’ve completely lost it.  But trust me, this was not an easy decision.  I’ve put a lot of thought and consideration into this choice.  And every time, I come to the conclusion that this world would be a more dangerous place with Trump at the helm of our country than with Hillary.

I recently discovered an independent, grass roots group:  Republicans for Clinton in 2016 (r4c16.org).  John Stubbs, the co-founder of this group sums it up pretty well with this statement from their homepage:  “Republicans can either allow Trump to rebrand the GOP as unstable, xenophobic and crude, or we can regain control of our party.”  As a Republican voting for Hillary, I am not abandoning my values and ideals – I’m fighting to keep them alive in a party I no longer recognize.  Because, even as I cast my vote for the Democratic presidential candidate, I will do my part to elect Republicans to the House and Senate – people who truly represent the party that I was once proud to be part of.

I’ve included the link to this article and I implore you to read it with an open mind.  And then afterwards, please give some serious thought to who you will be voting for in November, and why.  A vote for Hillary is a vote to stop Trump.  A vote to save the party that we once knew and hope to know again.  A vote against hatred, fear-mongering, and bullying.  But a vote for anyone else is a vote for Trump…and that is something we truly can’t afford.



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