Goodbye May, Hello June

Hey, May. You were really good to me this year. As usual, you are one of my favorites. May brings Pawnee, going home, spending time with old and dear friends, good food (Click’s & Whataburger!), keeping old traditions and making new ones, dominoes, walks around the loop. And so much more. You flew by really fast, as you tend to do. And I’m sad to see you go. But, I’m grateful for the good times I shared with you and I’m looking forward to the fun that June has in store. Until we meet again. xoxo

Renewing old traditions at the skating rink where we both grew up.
Arriving in Oklahoma, my semi-home state
How one opens wine while camping in Oklahoma when you forget to bring a corkscrew.
Because as many times as I see a Spark Show, I’ll never tire of the beauty and simplicity and majesty of the machinery that makes it possible
Our cornmeal grinding crew
Whataselfies. Because our tribe loves Whataburger.