We are the champions…of the world… Pt 1

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Denver Broncos are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!  Super Bowl 50 CHAMPS, baby!!!  (Please forgive my shouting, I’m still in celebration mode.)

I was fortunate enough to be able to get off work to go the celebration parade in Denver.  I was doubly fortunate to get to go to the parade with my wonderful, amazing, FUN friend, Kate!  We took Denver by storm and had an amazing day.  Seriously, everyone should have a friend like Kate.  A day spent with her couldn’t be anything but adventurous and filled with laughter–but that’s a whole ‘nother story!

So, come along with me and relive our day of celebration!

4 am wake up

Up at 4:00 am so that I could leave the house by 5:00 am (I was only a few minutes behind…) so that I could pick Kate up in Woodland Park by 5:30 am.  Whew!  We wanted to be early enough to get a good spot!


So remember when I mentioned that I was a few minutes behind?  Well, if I would have been on time, we probably could have avoided being stuck in this traffic, waiting on the wreck to clear.  Traffic was moving along at a crawl until the firetruck showed up and parked right across the road.  One big firetruck, a couple of ambulances, and a few police cars.  And did I mention I had to pee and that Kate was hungry?!


Here we are waiting for the road to clear so that we can move on.  You’d never guess that we were in need of food and toilet. HA!  We look pretty happy to be stuck in traffic.  But on the bright side, it was more time for conversation.

Anyhow, we might have been waiting 20 or 30 minutes, I’m not real good at paying attention to time.  But finally, we were able to move again and our highest priority was to find somewhere that would be open at 7am that had food and restrooms.  We got off the road in Castle Rock and decided on Panera Bread.  I was too distracted by my mission of finding a restroom to even remember to bring my phone in from the car, so sadly, no pictures exist of this stop.  We had a delicious breakfast and got back on the road.  County Line Park n’ Ride or BUST!

F lineHere we are after having just boarded the F Line to 18th & California.  The train wasn’t crowded yet and we were able to get a seat.  The train ride in was filled with conversation and laughter (such a contrast from the train ride we’d take later in the day) and we got off right at the 16th Street Mall, which, as it turns out, was right where we wanted to be!

SB headquartersAlmost as soon as we stepped off the train, we found the “Super Bowl Headquarters,” which of course, we HAD to stop at.  We bought fabulous orange feather boas and I got my official “Super Bowl Champion” t-shirt.  This other guy was obviously pretty excited to be here, as well.

After this, we meandered down 16th street. (Or maybe it was “up” the street, I don’t really know, I’m directionally challenged, you know.)  We passed several open spaces at the front of the parade route barricades, but kept going, on our way to the park, where we’d be at the end of the parade.  Along the way we ran into a news crew and gave an interview about why were at the parade.  I said I was there because it was a once-in-a-lifetime, history making event and to see Peyton Manning because he is such a classy guy.  When Kate was asked what brought her to the parade she answered “Olivia!”  She did go on to give an eloquent answer, but we laughed about that off and on for the rest of the day.

I just realized that this post is getting a bit long.  And if you’re still reading, you’re probably nearly asleep by now.  So I’ll pause here and bring you Part 2 later.

Stay tuned, and GO BRONCOS!



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