Colorado Girls

Today, I did something that I’ve wanted to do for a looonnnggg time.

I called in to my favorite radio show, talked to the host, and got on the air!  While I haven’t always had the same favorite radio show, I have always wanted to call in to one, but I’ve always let two things hold me back.  1) I have a bit of a phone phobia (it’s weird and complicated–don’t ask) and 2) I’ve never known what to say.

But today was special.  Today the Denver Broncos are World Champions.  Today, the “City of the Day” was Peyton, Colorado.  Today, I had purpose and confidence.  There was no stopping me.  Today would be the day that I would finally join the Fan Clan.

(A little bit of background real quick:  I’ve been listening to the Phlash Phelps morning show on ’60s on 6 (on SiriusXM!) for a while now.  Every morning while I get ready for work I listen to great music, fun trivia, and people calling in from all over the country.  For about as long as I’ve been listening, I’ve been wanting to join the fan club, too.  So today, I just did it!)

I looked up the phone number, dialed, and waited in suspense while it rang.  When he answered the phone himself, I was shocked and excited that I’d actually gotten through!  This was it…my big moment!  I had two main purposes.  To say “GO BRONCOS!” and share my appreciation for Peyton being the “City of the Day,” and to join the Fan Clan.

“I’ll poor candle wax on my radio dial.  No one else comes close by a mile.  Our man Phlash is second to none, and the competition bites the big one.”  That my friends, is just part of the pledge I had so much fun reciting this morning.  He topped off the segment by playing the Beach Boys’ California Girls and exclaiming, “Don’t you wish they could all be Colorado Girls!”  And so, without further ado, I am proud to announce that I am now #1917 in the Fan Clan!

My radio segment only lasted for about a minute, but we talked on the phone for over 5.  We talked about Cripple Creek, how I got interested in ’60s music (since I’m one of the younger listeners), etc.  I was blown away at how nice he was (just like in his on-air segments) and it was definitely worth being a little bit late to work for.  This is something I will not soon forget.  So thank you, Phlash, for keeping me company every morning and for making my day today!


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