Abby & Liv–100 Greatest Hits (or 100 things I love about us, in no particular order)

In honor of our 100 Day, here is a list of 100 things–all about us!  Quotes, memories, reasons why I love our friendship.  Happy 100 Day, BCFFL!

  1. You are my BCFFL, my best friend!
  2. We get each other (like nobody else does)
  3. Our family (crazy aunts, parents who hear almost everything wrong)
  4. Imagine-iff
  5. Camping out at the street dance
  6. Dutch Blitz!
  7. Painting each other’s nails for the 4th of July
  8. Breck 2015–“DEUCES!”
  9. Matching 4th of July shirts (for the whole family)
  10. Firecracker 5K
  11. When I had to sign consent forms as your guardian!
  12. “Carry wittle Abby”
  13. Singing at the top of our lungs (in the car or in the camper) (i.e. “I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE”)
  14. Arguing about Fitz/Tony Goldwyn  and Rubio’s ears
  15. Writing campaign songs (see #s 16 & 17)
  16. “Let’s Rubio and Get it On”
  17. “I read your Rand Paul’s books, I will vote for Jeb Bush”
  18. “Live-texting” GOP debates
  19. Shopping at Half Price Books!
  20. Whataburger almost every day
  21. Pizza Hut pizza nights in Kingman in our special corner booth
  22. …And when we weren’t able to get that special corner booth
  23. Going back (me) and starting (you) college together
  24. Nightly walks around Cripple Creek
  25. Your “fire alarm”
  26. Brushing your hair when you were little
  27. Back packing around town
  28. “Brownies?!”
  29. “Cookies!?”
  30. Leadville!–thrift store, candy store, Delaware Hotel
  31. All of our matching shirts!
  32. CCU tour
  33. SB 2016:  Copper or BUST!
  34. Snapping for 100 days straight!
  35. Accidentally changing the channel on Aunt Jan (and living to tell about it)
  36. Space Center Houston!
  37. Home (Oh Boov!!)
  38. Inside Out (and the Lava short!!)
  39. Introducing each other to new music
  40. “My hands are in the air like I just do not care!”
  41. “What did SHE say?!”
  42. Our mutual love of Grey’s Anatomy
  43. And of The Office
  44. “Who can make the ugliest face” competitions on snapchat
  45. Teaching you to line dance and two-step
  46. Dancing at the street dance!
  47. Grape floats!
  48. The summer (or two or three?) when we watched The Parent Trap obsessively
  49. Signs and The Sixth Sense
  50. Dancing to “Jump On It”
  51. Trying to get to Peak 8 (and the shuttle driver who was NOT impressed by us)
  52. “Yum! Mmmm! Delish!”
  53. Laughing until we cry every time we are together
  54. BCFFL telepathy
  55. Watching Jimmy Fallon videos in the camper
  56. #hashtag!
  57. STUART! (Look what I can do!”  “Catapult…LAUNCH!”)
  58. Re-enacting and filming our favorite Stuart videos
  59. “Carllll…that KILLS people!”
  60. Freezing to death and huddling for warmth in the camper  (in JULY!)
  61. Talking until we fall asleep
  62. Fuqua…my favorite street in Houston (your GPS knows why)
  63. Frozen yogurt
  64. Galveston
  65. Vera–enough said
  66. Slamming my head in your trunk (otherwise known as the time Thelma tried to eat me)
  67. When we had to hunt all of the parking lots at Space Center Houston because Thelma was hiding from us
  68. When you were in the Donkey Calling Contest and won an awesome ribbon!
  69. Playing Frisbee in the parking lot while waiting for the fireworks to start
  70. Pancake Rocks and our granola bar pictures
  71. Koo koo ka choo Mr. Red Hat…
  72. “Rhonda, you NAUGHTY girl!!”
  73. Matching phone cases (and being SO excited when we discovered we had them!)
  74. Selfies.  Lots and lots of selfies.
  75. We are practically the same person.
  76. We can talk about literally anything.
  77. “You’re my woman, go make me a hamburger.”
  78. I can confess to you that I ate a whole pizza and then fell asleep on the couch and you don’t judge me or love me any less.
  79. Looking through family photo albums
  80. Labeling “awkward family pictures” with the names of our family members
  81. Our special dance!  Featuring the Cotton Grab, the John Wayne, and the WOOOP!
  83. Traveling long distances in insanely short amount of times just to be together
  84. Learning to ski together
  85. Taking silly hat pictures in the Delaware gift shop
  86. Setting off fireworks on random streets in random neighborhoods in Leadville just so we can make things explode
  87. “One Dumb Cousin”
  88. Exploring the firework tents in Kingman
  89. The little carts at White’s grocery store in Kingman!
  90. Cousin cuddle time–the best thing ever!
  91. Our matching buns ( I forgot exactly what I called them)
  92. Our “Old Tyme” family photo in which we are all dressed like saloon girls, madams, and cowboys
  93. Lifesaver gummies
  94. Having to run for our lives from a potential lightning strike at Symphony Above the Clouds (“That lady is having a bad hair day” “His hair was WAVING!”)
  95. When you played & sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for me (I consider this our official song)
  96. You can cheer me up even when I’m feeling blue
  97. My “Two Dads Picture”
  98. The Dennii!!
  99. Traveling the world together when we get rich someday
  100. Testing all the numbers on the Sleep Number be                                         100 day post


            I love to you infinity and beyond, BCFFL! Happy 100 Day.  Here’s to 100 more!



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