Thrive Alive!

Today marks the 30th day that I have been Thriving!  When I first started, I was a hopeful skeptic.  I decided to try this thing because I knew I had to do something in order to live a more healthy lifestyle.  I wanted something that would help me lose weight (again) and keep it off.  I wanted more energy to deal with full time work AND school.  So I took a leap of faith and trusted a friend who had been experiencing great things with the product.  And I’m so glad that I did.

And yes, I have noticed changes in my first 30 days.  The most amazing thing I have noticed is that Thrive has given me more self-confidence.  I wasn’t expecting this at all, but it has allowed me to be more open to put myself out there.  Most of you reading this know that I’m an introvert…I’m pretty quiet and often shy around new people.  I don’t love crowds or being around a lot of people that aren’t in my “bubble.”  But Thrive has broken down those walls a little bit.  I’m still me, but I think Thrive is allowing me to be a better version of myself.  I’ve done some things that would have been uncharacteristic of me pre-Thrive:

  1. I called in to my favorite radio show and talked to the host for over 5 minutes and was on the air.  You may not think that’s a big deal, and in the big scheme of things it isn’t.  But for an introvert with a phone phobia…I was pretty proud of myself for doing it.  And I wasn’t anxious or nervous, so that was cool for me.
  2. When I was at the Super Bowl parade in Denver, I noticed a news crew walking by and yelled “GO BRONCOS!!”  (Normally I would have just kept my mouth shut and kept walking.  It’s part of my “don’t speak until spoken to” mentality.)  This prompted them to stop us (myself and my friend) and interview us about why we were at the parade, who we were excited to see, etc.  I was able to articulate my thoughts clearly to these strangers (and their camera) without being the slightest bit nervous.  This type of thing would typically really freak me out.
  3. I recently signed up to volunteer to make phone calls to South Carolina for the Rubio campaign ahead of their primary.  This is the first thing I’ve done to directly volunteer for a campaign in my life.  I’ve always wanted to be more active for the candidates I support, but I’ve always let my own insecurities hold me back.  Now, phone calling is not necessarily a fun job.  People hang up on you, yell at you, and I’m still struggling with that aspect a bit.  But I’m doing it.

Thrive has also helped me to be more healthy physically.  I have a love/hate relationship with my Treadclimber machine.  But I have been able to stick to a workout schedule more consistently.  This past week in particular, I have been waking up at 6 every morning in order to get in a 20 minute workout on the machine before I start getting ready for work.  After I get home from work I still have energy to get back on that machine and do at least another 10 minutes in order to round out my 30 minute daily goal.    This had led me to meet my Fitbit step goal more often, and has helped me to lose a little over 4 pounds since day 1 of Thrive.

I’ve also been making healthier food choices.  Because I’m putting all of this healthy stuff in my body from Thrive, I don’t want to sabotage it with junk food.  I also don’t crave as much of the junk that I used to (although I do still have my moments), and I drink significantly more water now.

So Thrive has given me improved mental clarity, better cognitive performance, a boost in my weight loss efforts, and confidence in myself.  And this is only in the first 30 days!  I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days bring!

thrive 30
Thrive is changing my life and it can change yours, too!

We are the champions…of the world… Pt 1

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Denver Broncos are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!  Super Bowl 50 CHAMPS, baby!!!  (Please forgive my shouting, I’m still in celebration mode.)

I was fortunate enough to be able to get off work to go the celebration parade in Denver.  I was doubly fortunate to get to go to the parade with my wonderful, amazing, FUN friend, Kate!  We took Denver by storm and had an amazing day.  Seriously, everyone should have a friend like Kate.  A day spent with her couldn’t be anything but adventurous and filled with laughter–but that’s a whole ‘nother story!

So, come along with me and relive our day of celebration!

4 am wake up

Up at 4:00 am so that I could leave the house by 5:00 am (I was only a few minutes behind…) so that I could pick Kate up in Woodland Park by 5:30 am.  Whew!  We wanted to be early enough to get a good spot!


So remember when I mentioned that I was a few minutes behind?  Well, if I would have been on time, we probably could have avoided being stuck in this traffic, waiting on the wreck to clear.  Traffic was moving along at a crawl until the firetruck showed up and parked right across the road.  One big firetruck, a couple of ambulances, and a few police cars.  And did I mention I had to pee and that Kate was hungry?!


Here we are waiting for the road to clear so that we can move on.  You’d never guess that we were in need of food and toilet. HA!  We look pretty happy to be stuck in traffic.  But on the bright side, it was more time for conversation.

Anyhow, we might have been waiting 20 or 30 minutes, I’m not real good at paying attention to time.  But finally, we were able to move again and our highest priority was to find somewhere that would be open at 7am that had food and restrooms.  We got off the road in Castle Rock and decided on Panera Bread.  I was too distracted by my mission of finding a restroom to even remember to bring my phone in from the car, so sadly, no pictures exist of this stop.  We had a delicious breakfast and got back on the road.  County Line Park n’ Ride or BUST!

F lineHere we are after having just boarded the F Line to 18th & California.  The train wasn’t crowded yet and we were able to get a seat.  The train ride in was filled with conversation and laughter (such a contrast from the train ride we’d take later in the day) and we got off right at the 16th Street Mall, which, as it turns out, was right where we wanted to be!

SB headquartersAlmost as soon as we stepped off the train, we found the “Super Bowl Headquarters,” which of course, we HAD to stop at.  We bought fabulous orange feather boas and I got my official “Super Bowl Champion” t-shirt.  This other guy was obviously pretty excited to be here, as well.

After this, we meandered down 16th street. (Or maybe it was “up” the street, I don’t really know, I’m directionally challenged, you know.)  We passed several open spaces at the front of the parade route barricades, but kept going, on our way to the park, where we’d be at the end of the parade.  Along the way we ran into a news crew and gave an interview about why were at the parade.  I said I was there because it was a once-in-a-lifetime, history making event and to see Peyton Manning because he is such a classy guy.  When Kate was asked what brought her to the parade she answered “Olivia!”  She did go on to give an eloquent answer, but we laughed about that off and on for the rest of the day.

I just realized that this post is getting a bit long.  And if you’re still reading, you’re probably nearly asleep by now.  So I’ll pause here and bring you Part 2 later.

Stay tuned, and GO BRONCOS!


Colorado Girls

Today, I did something that I’ve wanted to do for a looonnnggg time.

I called in to my favorite radio show, talked to the host, and got on the air!  While I haven’t always had the same favorite radio show, I have always wanted to call in to one, but I’ve always let two things hold me back.  1) I have a bit of a phone phobia (it’s weird and complicated–don’t ask) and 2) I’ve never known what to say.

But today was special.  Today the Denver Broncos are World Champions.  Today, the “City of the Day” was Peyton, Colorado.  Today, I had purpose and confidence.  There was no stopping me.  Today would be the day that I would finally join the Fan Clan.

(A little bit of background real quick:  I’ve been listening to the Phlash Phelps morning show on ’60s on 6 (on SiriusXM!) for a while now.  Every morning while I get ready for work I listen to great music, fun trivia, and people calling in from all over the country.  For about as long as I’ve been listening, I’ve been wanting to join the fan club, too.  So today, I just did it!)

I looked up the phone number, dialed, and waited in suspense while it rang.  When he answered the phone himself, I was shocked and excited that I’d actually gotten through!  This was it…my big moment!  I had two main purposes.  To say “GO BRONCOS!” and share my appreciation for Peyton being the “City of the Day,” and to join the Fan Clan.

“I’ll poor candle wax on my radio dial.  No one else comes close by a mile.  Our man Phlash is second to none, and the competition bites the big one.”  That my friends, is just part of the pledge I had so much fun reciting this morning.  He topped off the segment by playing the Beach Boys’ California Girls and exclaiming, “Don’t you wish they could all be Colorado Girls!”  And so, without further ado, I am proud to announce that I am now #1917 in the Fan Clan!

My radio segment only lasted for about a minute, but we talked on the phone for over 5.  We talked about Cripple Creek, how I got interested in ’60s music (since I’m one of the younger listeners), etc.  I was blown away at how nice he was (just like in his on-air segments) and it was definitely worth being a little bit late to work for.  This is something I will not soon forget.  So thank you, Phlash, for keeping me company every morning and for making my day today!

Abby & Liv–100 Greatest Hits (or 100 things I love about us, in no particular order)

In honor of our 100 Day, here is a list of 100 things–all about us!  Quotes, memories, reasons why I love our friendship.  Happy 100 Day, BCFFL!

  1. You are my BCFFL, my best friend!
  2. We get each other (like nobody else does)
  3. Our family (crazy aunts, parents who hear almost everything wrong)
  4. Imagine-iff
  5. Camping out at the street dance
  6. Dutch Blitz!
  7. Painting each other’s nails for the 4th of July
  8. Breck 2015–“DEUCES!”
  9. Matching 4th of July shirts (for the whole family)
  10. Firecracker 5K
  11. When I had to sign consent forms as your guardian!
  12. “Carry wittle Abby”
  13. Singing at the top of our lungs (in the car or in the camper) (i.e. “I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE”)
  14. Arguing about Fitz/Tony Goldwyn  and Rubio’s ears
  15. Writing campaign songs (see #s 16 & 17)
  16. “Let’s Rubio and Get it On”
  17. “I read your Rand Paul’s books, I will vote for Jeb Bush”
  18. “Live-texting” GOP debates
  19. Shopping at Half Price Books!
  20. Whataburger almost every day
  21. Pizza Hut pizza nights in Kingman in our special corner booth
  22. …And when we weren’t able to get that special corner booth
  23. Going back (me) and starting (you) college together
  24. Nightly walks around Cripple Creek
  25. Your “fire alarm”
  26. Brushing your hair when you were little
  27. Back packing around town
  28. “Brownies?!”
  29. “Cookies!?”
  30. Leadville!–thrift store, candy store, Delaware Hotel
  31. All of our matching shirts!
  32. CCU tour
  33. SB 2016:  Copper or BUST!
  34. Snapping for 100 days straight!
  35. Accidentally changing the channel on Aunt Jan (and living to tell about it)
  36. Space Center Houston!
  37. Home (Oh Boov!!)
  38. Inside Out (and the Lava short!!)
  39. Introducing each other to new music
  40. “My hands are in the air like I just do not care!”
  41. “What did SHE say?!”
  42. Our mutual love of Grey’s Anatomy
  43. And of The Office
  44. “Who can make the ugliest face” competitions on snapchat
  45. Teaching you to line dance and two-step
  46. Dancing at the street dance!
  47. Grape floats!
  48. The summer (or two or three?) when we watched The Parent Trap obsessively
  49. Signs and The Sixth Sense
  50. Dancing to “Jump On It”
  51. Trying to get to Peak 8 (and the shuttle driver who was NOT impressed by us)
  52. “Yum! Mmmm! Delish!”
  53. Laughing until we cry every time we are together
  54. BCFFL telepathy
  55. Watching Jimmy Fallon videos in the camper
  56. #hashtag!
  57. STUART! (Look what I can do!”  “Catapult…LAUNCH!”)
  58. Re-enacting and filming our favorite Stuart videos
  59. “Carllll…that KILLS people!”
  60. Freezing to death and huddling for warmth in the camper  (in JULY!)
  61. Talking until we fall asleep
  62. Fuqua…my favorite street in Houston (your GPS knows why)
  63. Frozen yogurt
  64. Galveston
  65. Vera–enough said
  66. Slamming my head in your trunk (otherwise known as the time Thelma tried to eat me)
  67. When we had to hunt all of the parking lots at Space Center Houston because Thelma was hiding from us
  68. When you were in the Donkey Calling Contest and won an awesome ribbon!
  69. Playing Frisbee in the parking lot while waiting for the fireworks to start
  70. Pancake Rocks and our granola bar pictures
  71. Koo koo ka choo Mr. Red Hat…
  72. “Rhonda, you NAUGHTY girl!!”
  73. Matching phone cases (and being SO excited when we discovered we had them!)
  74. Selfies.  Lots and lots of selfies.
  75. We are practically the same person.
  76. We can talk about literally anything.
  77. “You’re my woman, go make me a hamburger.”
  78. I can confess to you that I ate a whole pizza and then fell asleep on the couch and you don’t judge me or love me any less.
  79. Looking through family photo albums
  80. Labeling “awkward family pictures” with the names of our family members
  81. Our special dance!  Featuring the Cotton Grab, the John Wayne, and the WOOOP!
  83. Traveling long distances in insanely short amount of times just to be together
  84. Learning to ski together
  85. Taking silly hat pictures in the Delaware gift shop
  86. Setting off fireworks on random streets in random neighborhoods in Leadville just so we can make things explode
  87. “One Dumb Cousin”
  88. Exploring the firework tents in Kingman
  89. The little carts at White’s grocery store in Kingman!
  90. Cousin cuddle time–the best thing ever!
  91. Our matching buns ( I forgot exactly what I called them)
  92. Our “Old Tyme” family photo in which we are all dressed like saloon girls, madams, and cowboys
  93. Lifesaver gummies
  94. Having to run for our lives from a potential lightning strike at Symphony Above the Clouds (“That lady is having a bad hair day” “His hair was WAVING!”)
  95. When you played & sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for me (I consider this our official song)
  96. You can cheer me up even when I’m feeling blue
  97. My “Two Dads Picture”
  98. The Dennii!!
  99. Traveling the world together when we get rich someday
  100. Testing all the numbers on the Sleep Number be                                         100 day post


            I love to you infinity and beyond, BCFFL! Happy 100 Day.  Here’s to 100 more!