Anti-Brady Mojo

Some of you know how much I despise Tom Brady, Bill “Belicheat,” and the entire Patriots team.  If you didn’t, this post will make it abundantly clear.

In preparation for the upcoming AFC Championship game between Denver and New England, I’ve put together some of my favorite anti-Brady/New England memes for you.  Enjoy!


Screenshot_2016-01-24-09-48-14-1     Screenshot_2016-01-24-10-16-48-1  Screenshot_2016-01-24-09-47-46-1  Screenshot_2016-01-24-10-20-31-1

Screenshot_2016-01-24-09-52-01-1  Screenshot_2016-01-24-10-17-04-1  Screenshot_2016-01-24-09-49-04-1  Screenshot_2016-01-24-09-50-13-1


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