As of today, I am Thriving!  You probably (and rightly so) are wondering what exactly that means or what I’m talking about.  Well, I don’t have a lot answers for you.  I am trying something new, trusting the judgement of a friend.

Here is what I do know.  It’s chalk full of vitamins and healthy stuff for my body.  It’s supposed to help with mental clarity, energy, weight management, and just being overall healthy.  The process involves taking a capsule in the morning, drinking a shake, and then putting on a foam patch.  All in the first 40 minutes of the day…nothing else to do the rest of the day!

I’m not sure if I’m feeling any different yet.  I do feel more upbeat, more “with it” and more bold than I usually do.  But I also got up and did my workout this morning, and that was always puts a positive spin on my day, so it could just be that.  However, I can tell that something is a little different.  I’m not jittery, but maybe just on the verge of it?  Also, I’ve been to the bathroom more times than I can count (WATER!).  Maybe that was TMI, but I consider part of the experience, so there you have it.  Also, I’ve had a slight twinge of a headache on and off a couple of times.

Update:  Okay, so I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday like I intended, but here’s what else I noticed on Day 1.  I noticed that I didn’t get tired in the afternoon like I usually do.  In fact, I didn’t feel tired at all yesterday, so that was nice!  I had a full day at work, went to the store after work, got home at almost 9, and then worked on homework til about 11.  The only downside is that I had a hard time falling asleep, because I didn’t really feel tired.

Stay tuned for day 2…




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