Plato said some pretty cool things.  I mean, really, this guy was awesome!  It’s amazing that something somebody said that long ago is still relevant today.  Seriously, it literally amazes me.

In preparation for my new batch of classes this semester, I was working on making a cover page for my History of Political Thought notebook.  I decided to find quotes from each of the four philosophers we will be studying in the course–John Locke, Karl Marx, Machiavelli, and Plato.  I found some okay stuff from everybody, but then I got to Plato and was blown away.  I had a hard time deciding to which quote to put on my cover page.  After reading through everyone’s quotes today, I’m most excited to learn about Plato and his influence.  In lieu of boring you with any more of my words, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite words of Plato…I hope they inspire you, too.


Plato 13Plato 6Plato 12

Plato 4Plato 5Plato 11Plato 2Plato 8Plato 10Plato 3


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