Anti-Brady Mojo

Some of you know how much I despise Tom Brady, Bill “Belicheat,” and the entire Patriots team.  If you didn’t, this post will make it abundantly clear.

In preparation for the upcoming AFC Championship game between Denver and New England, I’ve put together some of my favorite anti-Brady/New England memes for you.  Enjoy!


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As of today, I am Thriving!  You probably (and rightly so) are wondering what exactly that means or what I’m talking about.  Well, I don’t have a lot answers for you.  I am trying something new, trusting the judgement of a friend.

Here is what I do know.  It’s chalk full of vitamins and healthy stuff for my body.  It’s supposed to help with mental clarity, energy, weight management, and just being overall healthy.  The process involves taking a capsule in the morning, drinking a shake, and then putting on a foam patch.  All in the first 40 minutes of the day…nothing else to do the rest of the day!

I’m not sure if I’m feeling any different yet.  I do feel more upbeat, more “with it” and more bold than I usually do.  But I also got up and did my workout this morning, and that was always puts a positive spin on my day, so it could just be that.  However, I can tell that something is a little different.  I’m not jittery, but maybe just on the verge of it?  Also, I’ve been to the bathroom more times than I can count (WATER!).  Maybe that was TMI, but I consider part of the experience, so there you have it.  Also, I’ve had a slight twinge of a headache on and off a couple of times.

Update:  Okay, so I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday like I intended, but here’s what else I noticed on Day 1.  I noticed that I didn’t get tired in the afternoon like I usually do.  In fact, I didn’t feel tired at all yesterday, so that was nice!  I had a full day at work, went to the store after work, got home at almost 9, and then worked on homework til about 11.  The only downside is that I had a hard time falling asleep, because I didn’t really feel tired.

Stay tuned for day 2…



The Houston Chronicles, Pt. 1: The Story of Phyllis

This is the first part a who-knows-how-long series recounting my trip to Houston this past summer.  We begin with the first day of my trip and the story of Phyllis.

Thursday, August 6

I met Phyllis in the security line at the Denver airport.  She was a very nice, albeit slightly confused, lady.  She hadn’t flown for about 10 years.  She didn’t know where to go or what to do.  Her house sold in Salt Lake City, where she recently moved from, and she had to travel back for the closing and such.  We discovered that we were practically gate neighbors (C 42 and C 48) and a friendship was born.  Phyllis and I were both traveling alone, and I think we were both pleased to have made a traveling friend.  I’m kind of disappointed we weren’t on the same flight.

We made it through security (where she forgot to take off her shoes and to be reminded by the TWA crew) and then proceeded to the trains (perhaps the most confusing aspect of DIA).  She had never ridden a train inside of an airport before.  I of course had to tell her the story of my crazy (and I say that lovingly) aunt who got stuck on the train in Dallas on the way to our family Thanksgiving.  I told her that I think of Aunt Ann every time I get on the airport train–and now Phyllis will, too!

Once we made it to the C gates, we walked through the concourse and I pointed out her gate and told her how to check the departure boards.  Then we said our goodbyes.  My new friend was gone just as quickly as she had shown up.  But she will not soon be forgotten.

Several times she told me that if she hadn’t found me, she didn’t know how she would have found anything.  But in all honesty, she was just as much of a blessing to me.  As an introvert who is also shy (double bonus, yay me) I don’t typically make connections easily.  But our conversation flowed effortlessly and was never awkward.  To this day I feel blessed that I was able to help her during a time that she needed a little help.  In a time when she felt a little lost, and maybe even anxious, confused, and lonely, God placed me in the perfect place at the perfect moment to walk with her (literally) and help her on this leg of her journey.  To know that in that moment, my life–my very existence– made a difference to someone else, was an incredible feeling.  During my time with Phyllis, I wasn’t the quiet, socially awkward girl that I often see myself as.  I was just a “normal” person helping out another person, making a human connection.  And what a gift that was, to be able to shed that self-imposed label, even for a little bit.

I was truly inspired by Phyllis and thought of her long after we departed.  I hope she had a safe trip to Salt Lake and that she found another friend on her flight to keep her company.  God bless you, Phyllis, wherever you are today.  I would be honored to meet you in the airport again one day.




Plato said some pretty cool things.  I mean, really, this guy was awesome!  It’s amazing that something somebody said that long ago is still relevant today.  Seriously, it literally amazes me.

In preparation for my new batch of classes this semester, I was working on making a cover page for my History of Political Thought notebook.  I decided to find quotes from each of the four philosophers we will be studying in the course–John Locke, Karl Marx, Machiavelli, and Plato.  I found some okay stuff from everybody, but then I got to Plato and was blown away.  I had a hard time deciding to which quote to put on my cover page.  After reading through everyone’s quotes today, I’m most excited to learn about Plato and his influence.  In lieu of boring you with any more of my words, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite words of Plato…I hope they inspire you, too.


Plato 13Plato 6Plato 12

Plato 4Plato 5Plato 11Plato 2Plato 8Plato 10Plato 3

The Voice of the Kansas Jayhawks

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I love Kansas basketball.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious.  The t-shirts, the decal on my car, the stuff hanging in my office.  If you know me a little better than most, you probably know that I love listening to KU basketball games on the radio.  If you didn’t know this already, you do now.

I have literally been listening to “the voice of the Kansas Jayhawks” for my entire life, and 28 years is a long time.  This year it was announced that our long-time announcer, Bob, will be retiring at the end of the season.  I was devastated by this news.  Devastated may seem like a strong word, but when you’ve been listening to someone speak for 28 years, sharing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat with that person, you develop a strong attachment.  Bob is more than just some announcer to me.  He is a friend, a family member.  Someone who has been there for every single game.  His is the voice I have celebrated victories with and the voice I have commiserated with after losses.  His voice is as familiar to me as my own.  There has never been a time in my life when I haven’t known that voice.  And at the end of this season, it will suddenly be gone.

Bob is the not the first of the KU announcers to retire.  Max retired after 60 years on the radio for KU, about 10 years ago now.  When Max left, I was so incredibly saddened.  We had a whole football season and basketball season to say goodbye to him, but it still wasn’t enough.  I still remember the last game he called.  It was the first round of the tournament and we were playing lousy…we lost that game.  And suddenly, it was over.  When the game ended, I locked my self in my room, turned on the radio, and cried myself to sleep that night.  Losing in the first round is pretty shocking for KU (if you know anything about KU basketball, you know how rare that is, save for those back-to-back years), but it was more than that.  It was knowing that that was the last time I’d ever hear Max call a game.  At that point, I wanted the team to keep on winning, to go all the way, so that Max could call one more game, so that he could experience winning the National Championship again.  I wanted that for him.  I wanted that for myself.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  (A couple of years later, on the 20th anniversary of the school’s last championship victory, in 2008 KU went on to win the National Championship and it was perfect…save for the fact that Max was missing.)  And even though Max was gone from the airwaves, Bob was still there.  And as long as we still had Bob calling the play-by-play, things would be okay.

But now that Bob is preparing to leave, how will it be okay?  How will it ever be the same?  The only answer is that it will never be the same again.  Truthfully, it hasn’t really been the same since Max’s last game.  But now without either one of those beautiful voices, KU basketball won’t ever be the same for me again.  The magic will be gone.  And that is a jarring reality for me to face.  For me, Bob and Max are what makes KU basketball great…they embody the school, the team, the tradition, pure love of the game.  And without even one of them there, it’s hard to know what the future of Kansas basketball looks like from my perspective.  It’s because of them that I love basketball.  My dad wasn’t into basketball until he happened to come across the two of them calling a game one time, back in the mid ’80s.  He liked them as soon as he heard them–their enthusiasm was contagious–and that led to him listening to more games, to becoming a true KU fan, to introducing me to the game and to their voices.  Max and Bob on the radio was a huge part of childhood, a family tradition, a part of my life to this day.  If not for my dad hearing them on the radio that fateful day, I may not even be a basketball fan at all–and how different life would have been.

It’s hard to know how to say goodbye to someone, to something that’s been such a big part of your life.  I have a hard time saying goodbye and letting go in general, so this seems doubly hard.  I will spend the rest of the season actively cherishing the time I have left to listen to him.  I realize that I may sound a little bit (or a lot) dramatic, but I feel very deeply about this.  It’s as if a chapter of my life is closing.  Something that I’ve always known will no longer be.  I wish some things could remain the same forever, but that just isn’t the way it works.  I can only hope that somehow Bob (and Max) could know just how much he has meant to me.  To my family.  I wish I could tell him that my love of basketball is due to him, that he has made a positive impact on my life, that he is a friend.  I can only hope he knows what he has meant to so many people.

To Bob and Max–the eternal voices of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Hi, hello, how are you?

Wow. I’ve been gone for a long time. I’ve missed you, I really have. My first semester back in school was overwhelming. Between full time school and full time work I soon had time for almost nothing else. But it must have been worth the sacrifice of other activities, because I passed with flying colors and only have 3 semesters left until graduation (May 2017, baby!).

So, there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to write about, but haven’t had the time to. I wonder if the time has passed for those things, or if I can still write about them as well as I would have in that moment? I wanted to tell you all about my trip to Houston, how much I love airports and flying (even though I also kind of hate it–it’s complicated), how excited I was for school to start. The Royals won the world series! Bob is retiring. Christmas. A new semester is coming. So many things. So I guess I’ll just pick a place to start and go with it. It may not be in order. It may not even make sense. But at least I’ll get it out there.

I won’t make promises that I can’t keep, but I will endeavor to post more often, even during school. Because I really have missed you.