Books, Books, and More Books

Hello, my name is Olivia and I am addicted to books.  I’ve always been drawn to books.  I remember my parents reading to me when I was very little and as I grew up, so I’m sure that’s how it all began.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  I always loved going to the library, whether it be the school library or the public library.  You just can’t beat shelves and shelves of books.  But the best thing is buying books.  When you read a book, it becomes a friend, and sometimes I find it hard to let go of, so it’s nice not to have to return a book in 2 weeks.  It’s comforting knowing that your friend is waiting for you on the bookshelf, any time that you want to re-read it, or search for a quote inside it’s pages, or just to pick it up and hold it and think on what you learned from it.

More specifically, I am addicted to buying books.  Real, hold-in-your-hands, smell-the-new-pages books.  I’ve tried the Nook, and it just isn’t the same.  Nothing beats holding a book in your hands, feeling the weight of it, smelling that brand-new book smell, and the accomplishment you feel when you turn the pages and can see your progress right there in front of you.

Looking back on it, I believe my book buying addiction started in grade school (my most vivid memories are from 3rd grade specifically), with the weekly book orders and book fairs.  Does anybody else remember those?  Our teacher would hand out flyers (more like a very small catalog actually) and we would peruse the pages and pick the books that we wanted to buy, or hoped that our parents would buy us.  (I can still recall the scent of those Scholastic book flyers…similar to the Weekly Reader magazines we also used to get in school, if anybody remembers those, too.)  My parents were fairly generous in buying me books, within reason, and I was always excited to get my new books when the orders were delivered to school.

But even better than the weekly book orders was the Scholastic Book Fair.  Yes, it was as great as it sounds!  Once a year, the Scholastic book folks would bring a ton of books and set up shop in the school library for about a week.  We were allowed to go check out the Book Fair during class sometimes, and of course we could come back in the evenings with our parents.  After all, they were the ones with all the money.  I remember buying quite a few books over the years from the Book Fair.  And I even remember getting some pretty snazzy book marks.  You know, the ones with holographic images that would change when you moved it around?  And of course they even sold fun pencils and erasers.  Oh, they had everything and it was all so wonderful.  I will cherish those memories forever.

Nowadays I have to buy my books from a regular old book store.  It can be pretty expensive…guess I didn’t quite grasp that aspect of book buying when I was younger.  I could go into Barnes and Noble and be in there for hours before I even thought about getting bored.  But of course, I would come out without any money left for anything else.  So my newest book buying thrill is checking out the book section in thrift stores.  You can get some really great deals!  Over the 4th of July, I bought 10 books for $5!  I’ve read two of them so far.  Next, much to the dismay of my credit card, I found out that B&N was having a summer book sale.  I’m talking a really good sale, too good to pass up.  Okay, not as good as $.50 a book, but that was a rare find, indeed.  I ordered 8 books, ranging from $1.99 to $2.99, up to $4.48 (kind of a strange price, I know).  I haven’t read any of those yet.  My latest acquisition was just this past weekend when I was in a thrift store down town.  I found 7 great books!  Some I had been looking for, and some I didn’t even know I was looking for until I saw them (those are usually the best kind.)  I’m getting ready to start on one from that group tomorrow.  (I would start tonight, but I really need to go to sleep at some point.)

So now I have even more books in my book case waiting for me to pick them up and read them.  They always wait for me patiently, never complaining when I pass them by, or when I re-read a book for a second or third time instead of choosing one I haven’t read yet.  And even though I judge them by their covers, they never judge me back.  They are true and faithful friends and will always be there when I need them.  Patiently waiting for me to discover the beauty they hold within.


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